Tips to Increase AdSense Revenue
The bottom line is that there are three ways to increase your AdSense revenue.
1. By changing the Ads to make them more convincing to your visitors
2. By improving your website for better AdSense
3. Track Visitor's Response

If you are keen on increasing the AdSense revenue you should make the ad look like integral part of your content. People these days are susceptible to banners, popup. So you can have simple plain text ad luring the visitor attention with appropriate terms describing product and its special offers.

Google serves Ad in multiple flavors. Each has its own significance as per the location on the page. Some works wonders in some location and some should not be used at particular location at all.

Text Ads – Google's Finest
Text ads are probably a box containing one or a number of ads with a linked headline, a brief description and a URL. You also get the "Ads by Google" notice that appears on all AdSense ads. There are eight different types of text ad. The most popular is probably the leader board, mostly used at the top of the page, above the main text. That's the best location and that's where most reader sees. Leader Board can be put in other location too. But you can forget putting this at the bottom of the page because only small percentage of reader reach that far down in the page. So by putting the ads at the bottom you are reducing the click through rate. Leader Board can be sometimes placed between the forum entries. You can put Banner and Half Banner also in the page and swap amongst leader board, banner and half banner and see the results. Banner or half Banner will leave space on one side and make the ad stand out in the page. This might make the user ignore that part of the page. Half Banner might just fit in perfect at the center of the page. But the suggestion is to stay away from banner.

Google also offers six different kinds of rectangular ads:
Buttons (125 x 125)
Small Rectangles (180 x 150)
Medium Rectangles (300 x 250)
Large Rectangles (336 x 280)
and two sizes of Squares 250 x 250 and 200 x 200

The final types of text ads are those that run vertically. These come in three sizes:
Skyscraper (120 x 600)
Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)
and Vertical Banner (120 x 240)

Wide Skyscraper ads are generally used on the right hand edge of the page. Right hand side of the page results in more click through links. This helps you earn more revenue. Vertical ad in the page will make it look like border to the page and will look cleaner. If Banner is put on the side they should blend well with the page and should look like part of the content.
Image Ads is another type.
But text option should be first option and image ads should be last choice. Advantages of text ads over image ad:
1.Text ad with right formatting will blend well with the site content. Image ad will not have same flexibility with its appearance. We can only play with its size and position.
2. You can place more text ad in the space available compared to banner ad. People like this since they prefer having more choice.
3. People hate banners and they are repulsive to it. They are more receptive to text ads.
4. Text Ad does not look jumbled up. They look well organized.

Google also has Video Ads.
This is better compared to the static image ads that get ignored. Video is stored in Google server and is played only when user clicks it. So this will not frustrate the user in case he is not interested in video. Here you will not earn any money in case user click on play button. You will get paid only then when user clicks on the screen or link benefit the screen. Video ads are more expensive to create than text or image ads. Here these are done only by big companies. There is no guarantee that you will get video ads. Text and image ads are easy to get but not video. To get this you should qualify the

Medium Rectangle (300×250)
Small Square (200×200)
Leader board (28×90)
Large Rectangle (336×280)
Square (250×250)
Skyscraper (120×600)
Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

If you opt for one of this image ad then you are more likely to get video ad if AdSense has any video to match your content. But in case you do not get it then you will get image ad which will have poor clicks. So reduce the loss from image ad wait for a week with image ad and if you still not got the video ad replace the image ad with text ad. AdSense does not allow to put the related image right next to the ad unit to attract clicks, but it allows to place image ad next to the text ad. Now in case if your image ad gets converted to the video ad you will make lots of money. This is only case where image ads are better than text ads. If your site gets video ads regularly then it's good to place the two more videos in your site so that video ads blend in well with the content of the page.

Ad links: Ad Link units can be profitable. This allows you to place a box on your site that contains four or five links of size ranging from 20×90 to 200×90. These are mean for side bars. These are different from other AdSense ads since here only topic list is displayed, full ad is not displayed. When visitor clicks on this link Google will pop up new window with targeted ads. Here the click through is less since this ads convert only on two clicks form visitor. You get paid only on second click from visitor. But few of them have found that this converts well. If you are going to place the ad link then you must place it in product specific site because when you place it in general site it will result in few clicks. In Ad links if you are going to click a link, it should be link that gives you money.

There are two ways to place the ad links: Vertical unit and horizontal unit.
Vertical link unit fit in side bar, Horizontal link unit blends well with the page containing article. You have had the website with content and AdSense set for several ads to be displayed. Instead you see only "Do not click me" Ads. This could happen if your page is Keyword-Targeted or Placement-Targeted. Google keeps track of number ads should be displayed in your page. This count might be four or just one. With single ad your revenue may increase or decrease. If the revenue decreases then you can make AdSense not to give you an ever single ad or you can block that ad. Single ad on your page might also be a warning that something is wrong with the way you have laid out the ad unit in your site. If your site is Placement-targeted then advertiser requests Google to place their ad on your site. But once this is done you should make sure that ads are at the right place and those are making money to you and not to advertisers.

There is another type of ad called season's ad. This changes as the holiday rolls around. The Designs themselves vary as per the season and location. During holiday time it's always good to check for the variety of seasons ads in the format page.

While designing the webpage, ads should be highlighted well so that user finds it interesting and click on that. You should make the ads look attractive. While using AdSense you should carefully select the font style, font size, font color, image, ad pattern so that they look attractive but blend with page content as well. Ads should look like show stopper of the show.

People have accepted that link color is blue. People clicking on the blue link are more. So if you keep the ad color blue click through rate is more. You should make the URL display color same as text of the page. This will make hyper link look more attractive than URL.

To check what exactly works in AdSense is purely a trial and error. You need to try out different color, size, and position of the ad and check which converts well and stick to it. You should not place the ad in way out of place on the page. These ads should match the content. Google says that certain areas on the page are hot spots and get maximum visitor's attention. Part of the webpage that is seen without scrolling is where most visitors' concentration is. That is where you need to place your ads. If the content is interesting enough visitors is most likely to stick to the page and click on relevant ads. This is what Google want, quality clicks. Not Random play clicks from bored people.

Google always places the high paying ads on top and low paying ones at the bottom. When images are placed adjacent to the ads it used to convert very well. But Google then bought up the rule that "images and ads should not be lined up". Now how could you draw attention of visitor to your ad? Remedy was to place the image ad next to the text ad. You do not have to just place the image ad you can place the "Submit" or Next Button. Only Google has the right to choose the type of ad getting displayed on your page. So to have the ads relevant to the content, content in the page should be understood to Google. Google crawlers do not understand flash and graphics. You should put the appropriate keywords so that you get the relevant ads on your page. You should also place right amount of keywords on the page. This exact number you should get on experimenting.

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