Although I can’t promise you that you will make millions of dollars, I can tell you that you can make some extra spending money, even if that extra money is going to pay some bills every month. I will also tell you that it takes determination and dedication and won’t happen overnight, so you will need to put some effort in.

What I am exactly talking about is making money through articles online for various websites. Each website, known as content sites, work differently. Some sites give you a percentage of the revenue they earn from their own advertising programs, specifically ads that were clicked while someone was reading your article, or pay you based on the number of views you’re article receives.

The choice you make will be up to you, but I have found that obtaining more views on an article is a lot easier then getting somebody to click an ad near that article. Through the help of many of the social networks and micro blogging sites out there, you build up your friends and followers, and you could easily get thousands of views on a single article.

So what makes a good article? A good article is one that is informative and educational. Sorry no one is interested in the fact you like the color blue. Although it might be important to you, it’s more than likely not important to the rest of world.

Your article should be between 450 to 900 words in length. In my own experiences I have found that if it is shorter no one will take it seriously, and if it is too long no one will read it. Apparently in the information age, even when the information is at their finger tips, that still isn’t enough. Go figure.

Now that you have your great article written where should you submit it to make sure you receive the greatest amount of return for your time. There are a number of sites out there and all depend on your personal taste as stated earlier, so to recommend just one would not be right. But I will say this. You want a site that that clearly outlines what you will make and look for a site that not only pays you for views or ad clicks to your articles, but also gives you the ability to build a network where you get paid for views on your network’s articles also.

Remember the idea is to maximize your time and effort for the biggest return, and sits that offer network programs are the best way to do it. Also, NEVER EVER pay a content site for the “privilege” of uploading your content. The best content sites are free. They always have been, and I expect them to always to be this way.

All you have to do now is repeat the process daily. Write an article, then submit. If you keep following this process on a daily basis, you will have a large number of articles out there earning revenue on a daily basis. Do not be discouraged when you see how slow you start off, but be encouraged knowing that with every article you write, every single day will only help increase your article revenue. Now get out there and start writing, and make some money writing about subjects that you are passionate about.

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