Would not you love to escape the 9-5 grind, or earn some extra cash for adventures like overseas holidays and beach breaks? Imagine being your own boss (at least some of the time), being able to prioritize time for family, friends and hobbies and to earn a living doing something creative and fun. Most of all, imagine spending at least some of your time everyday doing something you love and being paid for it.

It's easier than you think! Just act upon these successful methods.

Sell ​​on eBay. In the past few weeks alone, I have sold over $ 3500 worth of my unwanted goods. Selling an unregistered caravan, handmade melt dolls, a book or two, a set of cake 'smoothers' and a scrapbook scallop punch was as simple as taking a seller's program (for free) on eBay, loading my sale items and sitting back waiting for the auction to entice the highest bidder. I paid my tiny commission and sent the goods by post (the new owners came to tow the caravan) and sat back to count my money. Easy. If you do not have goods on hand to sell, you can do what my neighbor does. She visits our local shops, collects baby goods and strollers, spends a little time sprucing them up and sells them on for a profit. She makes money every single day and has a great time 'shopping' for her treasures.

Sell ​​things you make with your hands. Apply to have a stall at your local markets or artisan showcase. Many coffee shops and restaurants will also display your work for you for a commission on sales. If you are a proficient sewer, painter, jewelery maker, soap maker, writer, stationer, woodworker or knitter, you have an opportunity. To increase your brand awareness, start a blog and write about what you do, where you live and your creative strivings. Blogger or WordPress both offer free blogging platforms that even the most computer illiterate crafter can operate! Link your blog to your shop and let all your faithful followers know of your newest products weekly. Join Facebook and Twitter to make yourself even more visible in the marketplace.

Offer workshops. Every one of us has a bag of skills up our sleeve. Make money from teaching what you love to do. When you become 'expert' in an area, (remembering that being expert is really only being one step ahead of the pack and being able to simplify what you do for people who want to learn), make up posters and hang them on local notice boards, tell your friends and send a note to everyone on your email list. You might even offer to do free demonstrations at shopping centers or in store at cake shops or craft supply stores so long as you can promote your upcoming activities. Not sure what to teach? Why not try baking your favorite Italian desserts, Christmas felt hanging ornaments or crocheted birthday bunting, an AZ of tax preparation software or how to set up a simple blog.

Offer Party Catering, Birthday Cake baking or in-house meal preparation . More and more families are making choices to outsource those time-consuming tasks such as party preparation as spending the little free time they have with their children is more valuable. My friend Gabi styles the most beautiful children's and adult's parties complete with food, drink, sweets, invitations, decorations, themed tableware and party bags and has such fun doing it. Write up a list of services you provide with individual prices and put it out there. Word of mouth will probably mean you soon have more clients than you know what to do with!

Home maintenance, cleaning and home organization. If you love organizing, tidying and making things spick and span, this one is for you. While not strictly working from your home, this kind of work lets you set your own hours, work independently and achieve instant results. When families have to cut costs, the cleaner or gardener is often the last thing to go. Make yourself extra valuable to people by being on time, working within set time frames, doing that little bit extra and always being polite and friendly. Leverage your own time and income by organizing contracts and sub-contracting staff to complete the tasks. You'll earn extra money without lifting a finger.

Make or restore funky furniture. Retro furniture is making a big comeback as people seek well-made quality items that last for lifetimes. Invest in a sanding machine, wallpaper, furniture rub and oils and scour markets, street clean ups, opportunity or charity shops and eBay for bargains in need of a spruce up. Sell ​​for a glorious profit by offering your pieces on consignment in antique shops, in quality furniture stores and on eBay.

Car lovers who love to tinker under the bonnet can make extra dollars on weekends by offering a three-monthly service (oil change, spark plugs and more) on cars belonging to friends and family. Advertise through word of mouth.

Personalise stuff. When my little boy was born, I spent the first four days rejoicing in hospital. Whilst there, I read the mountain of brochures promoting personalized goods such as silver-embossed hand and feet artwork, "baby's fingerprint" jewelery, baby name canvases, shopping trolley seat covers and embroidered smocks. It seems you can personalize almost anything. Find your niche and people will definitely buy. Personalise things for weddings, baby showers, wedding anniversaries, births, deaths, 21st and 18th and 1st birthday milestones, for Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving. You might even do something for World Chocolate Day for all those chocolate connoisseurs out there!

Grow abundant plants and vegetables for niche markets. A know a guy who picks his exotic herbs and lettuce varieties to sell gourmet restaurants by the beach. With the influx of celebrity chefs and cooking shows, people are learning to demand quality goods direct from the source. Be that source. Make cheeses, (my friend makes fresh ricotta using the milk from a local dairy farm gate) bottle your specialty sauces, sell free-range eggs or cook up a heap of healthy cakes and sweet treats for Sunday afternoon teas.

There are home-based money-making opportunities like never before. Pick one (or more!!) And get started. Here's to filling up the piggy bank. Have you thought what you will do?

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