Everyday people are turning to the Internet searching for a way to make money from home online. Some because they want to escape the 9 to 5 corporate rat race and others because they are so far in debt that they need to make money online right away. The question is which online money making opportunity does a person join? There are hundreds of online money making programs turning up monthly offering various membership fees, compensation plans, products and even outrages income claims making it almost impossible to make a decision.

After investigating a number of online money making opportunities I came across a program that caught my attention called Wealthy Marketer. Wealthy Marketer offers the first ever 3-Tier compensation plan that does not require members to pass-up any of their sales to their sponsors and pays commissions 3 levels deep. This means members start making money immediately unlike other popular 1-Up and 2-Up programs like EDCGold, Passport 2 Wealth, Roadmap 2 Riches and Perfectwealth Formula which require members to pass-up their first 1 or 2 sales just to become qualified for future commissions.

Wealthy Marketer’s compensation plan pays members $900 for each direct sale, $200 for each sale their team members make and $100 for each sale members make on the third level. Wealthy Marketer sponsors also never have to worry about new affiliates ever breaking away from their pay line like 1-Up and 2-Up programs because of the unique 3-Tier compensation plan. Every time a new affiliate makes a sale on the second or third level the sponsor will continue to receive override bonuses of $200 and $100 with no additional marketing efforts on their part. WOW! That’s what I call leverage.

Wealthy Marketer features an exclusive detailed 72 page book called the $900 a day hand book that details exactly step-by-step how CEO Alex Hunter became a millionaire by marketing high ticket network marketing affiliate programs online. Members of Wealthy Marketer get access to this hand book in their back office once joining in addition to over 200 hundred Internet marketing e-books and software bundles with 100% full resale rights.

In conclusion, Wealthy Marketer has the potential to be the online income opportunity of the year, or possibly the decade!

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