What most people do not understand about affiliate marketing is that it’s not your job to sell the product to the buyer. Your job is to presell the buyer on the idea of ​​purchasing the product from the vendor. That’s it. If you do any more than presell, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot. Let me explain.

When you choose affiliate marketing as your method for making money online, you’re actually promoting a product for someone else. You provide a website that contains information about the product and a link for the visitor to click on if he decides he wants to buy. That link is your affiliate link. And as long as your reader uses it to get the Buy Button, then you’re going to make a commission on the sale.

But the key thing to remember is that the reader has to go to the vendor’s sales page if he wants to buy. He does not buy directly from your site. That means the buyer is going to have to click on TWO buttons before he buys – the one on your affiliate marketing website that takes him to the vendor’s sales page and the button on the vendor’s sales page that allows him to purchase the product. It’s hard enough getting someone to click ONE button, let alone two. So let the vendor do his job and you just concentrate on doing yours.

Prescribing means to give your reader all the information he needs to become interested in purchasing the product. For example, if you’re trying to promote a new dog food that’s come on the market, you might tell your readers that your dog was feeling small but you started giving him this new dog food and now he feels like a youthful pup again. And oh, by the way, the dog food is …

Do not worry about telling your readers that they need to buy this dog food if they want their dog to feel like a puppy again. That’s not your job. The vendor will take care of that when they get to his sales page. If all of your posts and articles sound like an overblown sales campaign or like you just took salesmanship lessons from a used car dealer then your readers are going to go elsewhere for their information and they’ll never make it to the vendor’s sales page. And if they do not – then you do not make any commission.

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